How To Take Part
In The Return

Wherever You Are

As An Individual, Parent, Family,
Pastor, Church, Minister, Leader,

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Wherever You Are

Whether simply as an Individual, the Head of a Household, part of a Group, a Minister, Pastor, Youth Leader, head of a Ministry, Organization, Prayer Movement, Denomination, etc. there is a way for you to play a critical part in The Return.

·Throughout the Year - Revival comes through Repentance, Prayer, Seeking God and His Will, and Spreading the Word, shining the Light to others. Commit to these things individually, as a family, as a church, as a ministry, as a movement. Throughout the year, apply these things, take part in them, start movements towards them, with others, spread the word. Let others know about The Return and help bring others into revival. There will be official events concerning The Return, but feel free to apply, practice, and begin these things as the Lord shall lead.

·In the 10 Days of Repentance – Set apart these days for all intensifying what you have done throughout the year in prayer onward.

·On the Day of The Return - If you can, come to Washington, D.C. and be part of The Return, the National Day of Prayer and Repentance on the National Mall. If you can’t then take part where you are, or in one of the gatherings and events in your area linked to the event (from state gatherings, gatherings in churches, your home, etc. – Check out simulcasts)

·After the Day – Seal what has been done in prayer (from the following day which will be a Sunday and onward) and continue in revival and in what God will birth from these things.

·Different Ways of Applying and Leading to Revival – There are many ways to apply this...

·If you’re a minister or pastor, lead your congregation in these things, teach and share on them, start weekly gatherings of prayer, outreaches, plan special events, take part in events already happening, rent buses to the national event in Washington.

·If you are the leader of a ministry, prayer movement, denomination, use the means and channels God has given you to let your people know, direct them into revival and the events to come. The same goes for leaders of Bible studies, prayer groups, youth groups.

·Connect with others and events of the revival. Open your home and family to be used. Open your life and heart to be used and be led by the Lord.

·See more specific ways – for Individuals, Families, Pastors & Houses of Worship, Leaders of Ministries & Denominations, etc.

·Help and Resources - We will seek in the days to come to provide you with help, resources, and information on every level, Individual, Groups, Pastors, Congregations, Ministries, Organizations, etc. as we are able.

·Spread the Word! - Use the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, All Social Media, to let people know – And send them to this site and to get needed or more information. Just use this link

·Spread the Video! – Most effective, use the video presentation of The Return that is on this website. Just press Share. If you are a Pastor or have the opportunity to show the video to your Church, Your Bible Study, or at public gathering, you can press Download. We will also seek to have different versions of the video of different time lengh.

·Buses & Transportation to the Event in Washington D.C. – Pastors and Leaders, Heads of Organizations, since buses and transportation can get booked up, best to reserve transportation as soon as possible, bus transportation, air transportation, train transportation, and hotels (though you can leave the same day without staying overnight if you want)

·Fasting – The Scriptures speak of the power of Fasting combined with Prayer. Feel free to Fast at any time during this period or in the Ten Days of September, or on the day itself September 26, 2020. Do as you are led and to the degree you are led.


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